Petar Penev

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Building methods to study the origin of life


I am a Fulbright student coming from Bulgaria, currently studying for a PhD degree in Bioinformatics at Georgia Tech. Received my bachelor's degree from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in molecular biology and my masters from GaTech. I have spent one year in the Netherlands following a masters degree in Molecular Life Sciences, however after receiving the opportunity to study in the US I putted the Dutch experience on hold.
I got interested in bioinformatics because I noticed a certain cycle of information between the wet lab and the dry lab, proving that it is important to know equally well both fields.


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Currently I am working in professor Williams' lab on a project about the evolution of the ribosome. I am exploring the evolutionary pathways that rProteins took within the ribosome. We aim to simplify the otherwise extremely complex system of the Ribosome, to a less involved and possibly more ancient state. This will hopefully give us insights for the pre-LUCA organization of life.
During my masters I worked in professor Gaucher's lab on an experimental phylogenetics project. I compared the viability of different predictive phylogenetic methods in the structural background of proteins.
In the Netherlands I worked in professor Dolf Weijers' Plant Development biochemistry laboratory. We worked on new possible interactors of the Auxin Response Factor in Arabidopsis Thaliana.

Where you can find me:

315 Ferst Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30332